What is EPUBEditor?

EPUBEditor is an online environment for the simple, intuitive and immediate authoring of EPUB3 ebooks.

Ebooks created with it may include multimedia content and interactive features.

This makes EPUBEditor particularly suitable for educational and textbook-related purposes, especially for the use of tablets like the Apple iPad.

Also, in EPUB3 format, the ebooks can also be exported as SCORM objects which are therefore importable into any SCORM-compliant e-learning platform (such as Moodle, for example), allowing the total tracking of fruition.

Main features

  • Strict adherence to EPUB3 specifications (optionally also EPUB2)
  • Content editor that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Full audio, video and image support
  • Inclusion of interactive content: multiple choice questions, true/false, gap fills, drag & drop, etc.
  • Managing of footnotes and hyperlinks
  • Ability to share authoring of the ebook with other users
  • Ebooks are also exportable as a SCORM package with tracking of interactive content and scoring

An initiative of




Concept, design, development and direction: Francesco Leonetti (fleo at espertoweb.it)

Many thanks to Paola Ricci of EduTouch for the documentation and user guide and to Simplicissimus Book Farm for the english version.